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Quick and simple ways to detox your mind

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Check out the bulleted list below for tips you can use NOW.

  • Take frequent breaks from high focus activities. (even getting up to move around a little every hour can make a huge difference.)

  • Drink water slowly. (focus on each sip as you drink. try infusing your water with fresh lemon or lime to awaken your mind)

  • Put down the phone. (As much as you can. Schedule time off from your phone to just sit and relax, take a walk, eat a great meal, or even better, have a one on one in person conversation with a friend or family member to discuss your challenges and concerns.

  • Color (Yes I'm serious. Invest in an adult coloring book and some colored percils and go to town! You will find after ten minutes you are more relaxed and focused.

  • Listen to nature sounds (either outdoors or recorded with noise canceling headphones. Focus on your breathing as you listen. Ocean waves are great for breathing exercises. If you are feeling adventurous, experiment with moving to the sounds and match your breathing!

Give one or all of these tips a try. Find some other things and experiment to find out what you respond to best. What can you try now? Be sure to post your successes and share in the discussion board.

-Allison Phillips

"Living Well is an Art"

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